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Amazon Starts Its Very Own Logo Truck

Amazon Starts Its Very Own Logo Truck

This fall, Amazon contracted with newspaper carriers in order to deliver its packages along their route. However, this could successfully be done for 2 to 3 weeks only due to the tax issues associated with the venture, which made it a hurdle to keep up this a continued practice, specifically for the Tribune, which publishes newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Similar issues were being raised by other newspaper companies as well, who were responsible for the delivery.

In the past, in order to reduce the cost and to deliver the packages on time, Amazon has opted for sources such as Uber cars, delivery service called Flex, yellow cabs and even contract workers who own cars. This holiday season though, Amazon has introduced its own package delivery truck with its company logo. Several thousand of these trucks are still being made and will help Amazon to organize its shipping network. But they won’t be used for direct customer shipping.

In an interview, Mike Roth, Amazon’s Vice President of America Operations, said that he was very pleased to have their very first Amazon trailer on the road, carrying thousands of boxes filled with cherished holiday goods and Amazon Fire devices that will support the troops stationed overseas in this holiday season.

The purpose of these trucks is to carry packages to delivery stations and categorize them along the way, as well as to move goods between Amazon’s warehouses. The packages are then delivered in around two days, based on Prime and Prime Now delivery options.

The truck also acts as a bonus to its marketing strategy, which promises the whole experience to the buyers. This will also facilitate Amazon in keeping its warehouses well-stocked in a timely manner. These logoed trucks will be set on routes around the U.S., according to the company’s needs.

Although the truck will not be used for delivery, Amazon is planning on enhancing its inventory by shuttling its products between warehouses, in order to take charge of its shipping process.

We can predict that Amazon will opt for delivering packages, ferrying flowers or dropping off food, in the future, with these vehicles, to take complete responsibility of the experience their customers receive. This is because, in spite of claims that the only purpose behind the creation of this truck is the management of inventory, we can see a long term plan behind it, after the company filed for a patent application.

The company has always found unique ways to attain its aims, as seen in San Francisco and also with the Chicago Tribune newspaper delivery truck plan, so for now, let’s wait for further news on what Amazon has in store for its consumers in the year 2016. – See more at:

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