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Alberta Justice writes one of the biggest traffic tickets ever – $25,000 dollars

Alberta Justice writes one of the biggest traffic tickets ever – $25,000 dollars

Truckers are trained till they are experts in navigating roads. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when driving a truck, things which normal vehicle drivers do not have to account for. One trucker went against his training and education and ignored signs, resulting in a disaster. An old bridge that was under repair had a limit of 10,000kg and the truck had more than twice that much weight. Even though there were clear markers everywhere, the trucker ignored them and went ahead on the bridge.

The fine levied on the driver is $25,000 dollars, and is one of the heaviest ticketing fines ever seen. The Alberta Justice had good reason to be angry; the bridge spanned over a river. If the bridge had broken down while the truck was on it, there could have been fatalities, with the trucker himself being in the most danger. It could have set back the repair and maintenance work which was going on for months and caused more than a million dollars in damages. It could have also damaged the ecosystem of the river.

The most damning part of the whole ordeal for the trucker was that there are multiple signs declaring the weight allowed over the bridge. It is almost impossible to not notice any of the signs, unless the trucker was just ignoring all the road signs, which is itself a very dangerous habit. Local government officials focused on how clear the signage were, and were very surprised someone ended up ignoring the multiple signs on the way to the bridge.

Another explanation could be that the trucker did not know the weight of his truckload, which again is a violation of everything that truckers are taught. This may be why the fine has been levied on the driver and not the trucking company the driver works at, which indicates that the court realized that the trucker must be at fault, because no trucking company would instruct its drivers to ignore road signs. Brendan Cox, the spokesman for Alberta Justice, said, “It will likely be one of the biggest tickets this year, a ticket this size is very rare.”

He communicated the exasperation of the government in this case, saying, “There’s plenty of room to turn around at both approaches to the bridge, regulations officers have to stop quite a few vehicles before they cross the bridge but this one went over. Cases like this are a safety concern, not only for drivers but also for those working on the bridge.”
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