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Adhoc Restrictions On Trucks As The Worst Blizzard Hits Eastern US

Adhoc Restrictions On Trucks As The Worst Blizzard Hits Eastern US

Eastern United States now struggles to emerge from a menacing blizzard in which Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are said to have taken the worst hit. The mega blizzard, dubbed as “Snowzilla”, was compared in the weather circles to “Snowmageddon” in magnitude that had stormed Washington 6 years back, dumping two and a half feet snow in places. New York’s Central Park accumulated 26.8 inches snow in the wake of Snowzilla, falling just slightly short of the 30 inch Snowmageddon record. The snow-storm has now fortunately headed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Between Friday and Sunday, the storm struck a dozen states and 85 million inhabitants who were advised to stay indoors and keep off-road. Some twenty nine kills have so far been recorded in the wake of the snow blast. The said-fatalities have reportedly occurred in Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Kentucky, the District of Columbia, Delaware and Arkansas, as a result of heart attacks suffered while shoveling snow, carbon monoxide poisoning and car accidents.

Temperature rises after the storm as thousands of people flock out of their refuges to have snowball fights, ski, or simply to enjoy a miraculous sun in an otherwise picture-perfect winterland.
However, Bill de Blasio, the New York Mayor requests the New Yorkers to display extra caution while driving and not to come out on the roads unnecessarily as the death toll is on a consistent rise. Although the storm has ended, the roads will continue to be dangerous and in order for them to be cleared, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser asks that vehicles be kept off-road.

Numerous speed restrictions have been in place in various states, and drivers are advised to follow a high-safety protocol regardless of what the signs may say. In addition to that, some of the vehicles have been banned from the roads that include trucks towing more than one trailer, commercial trucks with empty trailers and over-dimensional commercial trucks. Certain road sections have been labeled as dangerous and closed down by the officials to avoid possible accidents. The situation, however, will normalize and the restrictions be uplifted, in what is expected to be less than 24 hours.

The storm has caused enormous disruptions in the public transit and approximately 12000 flights have been postponed due to the weather situation over the weekend. In Washington D.C., public schools and federal offices will stay shut on Monday and people have been warned against delays in the transit. – See more at:

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