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ACT Research: Trailer Orders Strong In March

ACT Research: Trailer Orders Strong In March

ACT Research has said that net orders of trailers went up by 26 percent on a month over month basis in March. What’s more, the net orders were also 3.5 percent stronger on a year over year basis.

This recent resurgence is all due to strong orders combined with a lower number of cancellations. This has been reported by ACT Research in its all new report for US Trailers titled “State of the Industry”.

ACT Research is one of the most renowned trailer research sources around which continues to provide reliable numbers on the state of the trailer industry. ACT Research has also provided some very astonishing numbers in the recent past which were all related to the developments and the growth in the trailer and trucking industries.

The Director of CV transportation research and analysis at ACT, Frank Maly, said that large fleets have continued to drive up the market. Apart from that, he says that the low cancellations are showing that now the orders are all firm. According to Maly, trailer production has seen growth of about 4 percent on a year-over-year basis.

Maly believes that the industry will continue to see this rebound in terms of factory inventory thanks to the strong drawdown at the year end. At year end, the inventory was up by 13 percent on a month over month basis and by 8 percent on a year over year basis. Maly further added that we will continue to see comments surrounding some pressure at the level of the dealers as they will keep on being heard.

The ACT Research’s CV transportation research and analysis director also added that the typical seasonal patterns are indicating that there will be further gains in terms of inventory in the month of March. Whether this affects the total trailer production and trailer orders for the remainder of the year remains to be seen.

However, one thing is for certain, the month of March has given a really good start for the year that follows as trailer enthusiasts have been piling up in huge numbers to purchase more and more trailers.

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