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A Trucker’s Line of Work is a Gamble

A Trucker’s Line of Work is a Gamble

Truck drivers could be compared to professional poker players in certain aspects. Both have non-traditional jobs that sound alluring to the office worker or retail employee. Both lines of work require long hours of dedication.

Both are also known for their high level of risk.

No job is ever completely secure, nor are the duties written in stone. For truckers who are trying to make a stable living, entering into the freight industry can be a big gamble.

Taking a chance is often required at the beginning of one’s career. The early stages of a job usually require a person to take what they can get, and to build up some credentials before they can gain additional bargaining power.

Just like the professional card player weighs their options at the table and makes careful calculations before going through with any decision, truck drivers often find themselves doing the same thing.

The risk factors of the freight industry come from multiple sources. No other industry is as vital to the U.S. economy while asking workers to operate in such a unique environment. Not only do drivers spend most of their time on the road, most of them do so while adhering to policies from dispatchers, unions, governments, and other organizations that have a vested interest in the freight industry.

As far as longevity goes, trucking isn’t making drivers want to stick around – at least compared to how things used to be. A more tightly controlled industry coupled with sticky wages that don’t always keep up with rising prices means higher turnovers.

For those who want to make their living in the trucking industry, this can be a great opportunity. But given how economic conditions can cause trucking companies to experience large fluctuations in business, even the most seasoned driver isn’t guaranteed a certain amount of miles, hours, or money.

Finding a job with a reputable carrier that does offer a written agreement takes some of the uncertainty out of the industry. Trucking has always been a gamble, but drivers are the type of people who are comfortable with a certain degree of risk. Their willingness to take a chance helps people across the country get the goods they need.

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