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A Closer Look at the Progressive Commercial Roadhouse Run

A Closer Look at the Progressive Commercial Roadhouse Run

The struggles truckers face with their health has been well documented over the years. It isn’t that unhealthy people are drawn to the industry, but rather how the sedentary work arrangement and lack of healthy food options on the road can cause truckers to gain weight easier.

With conditions like diabetes and heart disease rising among workers in the freight field, steps have been taken to reverse this concerning trend. The Great American Trucking Show, which brings drivers and administrators together every year, features an event dedicated fully to helping promote good health in trucking.

GATS’ partnership with Progressive has resulted in the Progressive Commercial Roadhouse Run returning, with benefits going toward the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (supported by Right Weight).

2017’s 5K walk took place on August 24th at 7:15 p.m. at Trinity Groves Park, a change in both time and location from last year’s event. Awards were given out for male and female participants based on age brackets of ten-year increments. The course, in addition to providing a great place for exercise, offers a breathtaking view of the city. This makes the event memorable to participants for multiple different reasons.

The location has plenty of restaurants and bars, making it easy for those involved and their families to celebrate after the fact. Runners received a t-shirt, bib with built-in timer, a medal, and refreshments.

There are also other events at GATS to help promote trucker health, including a pavilion dedicated solely to wellness. Free resources were provided, along with testing for the many conditions truck drivers may be at a higher risk for. While trucker health has been a major problem over the years, a dedicated focus at large events like these shows just how much progress is being made.

There was a time when these kind of resources and events would be unheard of in trucking, but today’s unification toward a common goal shows the true strength of the freight industry. Though there are still plenty of hurdles for drivers to overcome, Progressive’s work with GATS has provided a way for drivers to push themselves and show solidarity with their peers in health-based goals.

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