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6 Things a Truck Driver Should Bring Along on Any Trip

6 Things a Truck Driver Should Bring Along on Any Trip

An old adage says: “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” This is especially applicable to a truck driver. Given that this line of work causes one to be isolated from others for a large amount of time, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Given that there isn’t exactly a shortage of space in a given driver’s rig, it’s smart to be prepared for anything that the trip may hold. Sometimes stopping to pick up supplies can cause you to be late – and no one wants that. Here are a few things every truck driver should bring along on the trip.

01. A Reflective Vest and Kneel Pad

This combination can prove very valuable when you become stuck on the side of the road due to vehicular issues. A kneel pad can make looking under your rig and performing tune-ups much more comfortable. These issues don’t always happen during the day, so it’s wise to bring along a reflective vest that can help you remain visible to other drivers.

02. A First-Aid/Emergency Kit

While every driver may keep a few bandages and some painkillers in their glovebox, a standard first aid kit is capable of holding a large amount of items which can come in handy. Eardrops, toothache relief gel, bee sting treatments, and anti-acids are all valuable to have on hand in case a need should arise.

03. A Spare Phone

Always carry a spare – especially when it comes to something this valuable! In the event that your phone stops working or becomes lost during a long trip, it’s a good idea to have a spare on hand. Communication is key for keeping a truck driver safe on the road, so having a backup phone is always recommended. Having a backup charger is advised as well.

04. Extra Clothes and Blankets –

Even the most seasoned truck driver can sometimes be forced to pull over on the side of the road due to fatigue, hazardous road conditions, or vehicle trouble. When this happens, it is wise to be prepared. Cold weather can be hard to deal with, so it’s a good idea to bring blankets. A change of clothes is also advised to help drivers remain fresh and healthy during these extra-long trips.

05. Flashlights and Extra Batteries

Working on a truck or walking outside at night can be dangerous, so bringing a flashlight or two can prove helpful. Extra batteries are never a bad idea either, especially if other devices you bring along are battery powered.

06. Food and Drinks

If you’re determined to make it to your destination before your deadline, sometimes you can bypass the truck stop by bringing along enough food and drinks to last you. Its advised to avoid caffeinated beverages as these can actually cause drivers to become more fatigued after their energy-boosting effects wear off. In addition, healthy foods that help to give you energy can make any trip easier and help you remain alert and attentive during every mile.
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