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5 Tips for Taking the Headache Out of the Trucking Job Search

5 Tips for Taking the Headache Out of the Trucking Job Search

The trucking industry needs qualified talent, and every driver out there wants to find the best position possible. A good job with stable hours, fair pay, and benefits is something every commercial trucker aspires for, but this isn’t always easy to find.

For some drivers, they find themselves stuck with a carrier they don’t feel offers them a fair career. Others don’t even have that, as they’re struggling to find their first driving job in the freight industry. While the job search can be frustrating at times, there are a few tips drivers can follow to make their trucking job search a bit easier.

The first is to make sure they have all the appropriate credentials. A valid CDL A and training from a qualified trucking school will help drivers accelerate their search and get on the road sooner rather than later. Experience and/or references also help with this.

Drivers should also know which perks they’re looking for. While some people may like the idea of paid time-off, others look for fuel-cards and road allowances. No-touch-freight may be the most important perk for one driver, while another may look for advancement opportunities. Knowing what to prioritize ahead of time will make it easier to sift through job opportunities.

There are some job boards which are made specifically for positions in the trucking industry. It is advised to use these if possible, as generic sites may lack the detail drivers need. Positions in the freight industry can vary greatly, even at the same company, so the more detail about a position the better.

Applicants should do research about a carrier before signing with them. Large carriers that offer lucrative positions can cause some drivers to move forward without a second though, but this can put them in a tough spot later on. Doing research on a carrier can provide information about how they treat their employees.

The final tip that drivers can follow to make their trucking job search easier is to create a list of options and narrow it down. Though sometimes applicants must take what they can get, narrowing the search to a few key choices can lead to a better result.

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