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5 Reasons Texting Doesn’t Belong in the Hands of the Driver

5 Reasons Texting Doesn’t Belong in the Hands of the Driver

Texting and driving has become part of the culture today, and despite the numerous death-related accidents involving these distracted drivers, the issue remains. The following 5 reasons texting doesn’t belong in the hands of drivers might be eye-opening for some, and raise awareness for others. The more this issue has a light cast on it, the safer the roadways will eventually be.

1. Other Distracted Drivers

If you are texting while driving, your focus is not on the road. Add into the mix the other drivers texting while driving, and it doesn’t take much for two drivers to be passing within inches of each other. Driving today defensively is hard enough, texting just makes it impossible to be safe.

2. New Vehicles Have Too Many Distractions

The cars of today already have too many built-in distractions. The stereo systems require a degree in science to operate, navigation systems need constant attention, not to mention seat warmers, charging stations, and vehicle televisions. The last distraction you need is to text while trying to operate all these devices while driving your car.

3. Seconds Equate to Hundreds of Feet

Years ago drivers were warned about looking away to adjust the radio or put on makeup while operating their vehicle. The reason being is that every second you look away, several hundred feet could have passed you by. Texting takes several seconds, and in that time you may have driven the equivalent of a football field before looking up.

4. Head on Collisions are Fatal

Head on collisions are deadly, yet distracted drivers are weaving out of their lanes into oncoming traffic every day now without any uproar. The distance from your lane to oncoming traffic can be inches on some highways, enough to travel in the blink of an eye if you are texting. Contact an attorney if you’re in an accident that you think was due to a distracted driver so they can pull those phone records in a timely manner.

5. Illegal in Many States

Many drivers don’t realize texting is actually illegal in some states. Get caught on your phone in a place you are not familiar, you could be facing more than just a small fine or loss of license.

Until technology is created that blocks the phone’s ability to operate while the engine is running, this texting while driving issue is going to continue. It is eventually going to take stricter laws and the aid of technology to eliminate the problem altogether.

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