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5 Health Conditions Truckers Are at Risk For

5 Health Conditions Truckers Are at Risk For

Drivers must have an impressive amount of physical and mental toughness in order to pilot a rig with the precision needed for safe and timely deliveries. But the unique nature of a trucker’s job puts them at greater risk for certain health issues. While these ailments can be frustrating to deal with, they can be properly managed if one is informed about them.

#01 – Fatigue and Exhaustion
With a job that sees them taking to the roads to handle long trips at odd hours of the day, many truckers turn to caffeinated drinks and energy supplements to stay awake. But while these may be effective in the short term, they can actually result in sudden bouts of fatigue once their effects have worn off. Using these choices sparingly and getting adequate rest can help drivers manage this issue more effectively.

#02 – Allergies
Traveling to areas with different temperatures, climates, and types of plants leads many drivers to experience allergies more harshly than individuals in other lines of work. Many allergy medications are designed to stave off these problems without making the user drowsy or hungry, making such options a great choice for drivers on the road.

#03 – Aches and Cramps
Though some may think that trucking is not a physically-demanding occupation, long hours in the cab can deprive truckers of the movement they need for good joint and muscle health. Even when pushing a tight deadline, truckers should stop every so often to walk around and stretch.

#04 – Weight-Related Issues
A lack of physical activity doesn’t just make it hard for truckers to keep their joints and muscles in good health – it can lead to them being at greater risk for obesity and related conditions. While most are tempted to use their off days for leisure, scheduling a bit of exercise during this time can be enough to keep truckers healthy and in shape.

#05 – Anxiety
Whether it’s the uncertainty that comes with taking new routes or the feeling of being away from loved ones for days at a time, a trucker’s line of work can make them very anxious. Listening to music in the cab or using social media to connect with loved ones back home can help truckers manage these issues effectively.

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