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5 Common Misconceptions About Truck Driving

5 Common Misconceptions About Truck Driving

Every person in every line of work must deal with stereotypes about their occupation and all that it entails. Truck drivers are no different, as the workers in this important industry commonly find themselves correcting others when it comes to the demands of their job. One trip in the cab could change most people’s mind, but oftentimes a simple explanation can do the trick. Truckers are constantly bombarded with inquiries about their line of work, and here are six of the most common misconceptions truck drivers hear about their job.

01. “Trucking Isn’t Physically Strenuous”

“Good thing you got out of the manual labor field!” While some drivers may load and unload their own rig, most think the rest of the time trucking involves merely sitting on a cushioned seat in an air conditioned cab. However, even the most modern and hi-tech truck won’t steer itself, and maintaining control of such a mammoth takes a good amount of upper body strength. In addition, constant focus on road travels can be very mentally taxing.

02. “Trucking Isn’t Complicated”

“Okay, so it does take some strength. But it’s still pretty straightforward. Just drive from here to there!” That’s a common response that people may follow with when they’re informed about the strength that truck driving requires. While it is true that truckers are tasked with getting to a destination, sometimes this involves switching up a route or schedule midway through the trip in response to receiver issues, weather conditions, or traffic problems. Drivers must work with dispatchers to calculate which alternate route will result in the quickest delivery to ensure all timelines are met.

03. “You practically work for yourself.”

“You have all the freedom you want!” Most people think of trucking and picture the freedom of the open road. While the travel is a good perk of the job, it doesn’t mean that a person who chooses truck driving as their occupation completely escapes the public or the corporate hierarchy. Drivers who work for companies have to meet the demands of dispatchers and receivers. Even those who function as owner-operators and work independently still have to reply on well-established business relationships to make a living.

04. “I can’t imagine anything better than traveling all the time.”

“You get to see the world. How could that be bad?” While most drivers will be quick to tell you how much they enjoy the travel aspect of the job, it can certainly have its drawbacks. In addition to navigating unfamiliar roads and working on tight schedules, drivers are also forced to be away from their loved ones for long periods of time. In addition, sometimes it can be days before a driver can address a health issue if they’re in the middle of a long trip.

05. “That Job is Easy!”

There’s no need to give any further examples of this one – every trucker has heard it before. While the job isn’t a walk in the park by any means, it is a rewarding one. Those who want to enter the industry should be familiar with the truth about it before making the jump. – See more at:

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