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4 Underrated Trucking Job Perks

4 Underrated Trucking Job Perks

Those who look for CDL jobs usually narrow their search down by a few key factors. How much a job pays, the types of benefits it provides, and the amount of home time it offers are all telling of just how lucrative the position is.

But there are other job perks which can come with truck driving positions. And while these may not have the same type of reputation as a high-salary or good health benefits, they can make a driver’s life much easier.

The first is paid time off. This can come in the form of sick pay, paid vacations, or paid holidays. This makes it easy for a driver to enjoy financial stability even when they are taking time off from work due to choice or circumstance.

The next perk which is often underrated is a trucking discount program. By giving drivers the opportunity to save money on the things they need during their trip, carriers can help them come out ahead financially – regardless of their salary.

The third underrated job perk that truckers can benefit from is assigned equipment. Some drivers feel more comfortable knowing that their vehicle hasn’t been used or tampered with since the last time they were in it. Assigned equipment can make a driver feel much more confident and secure.

The final underrated job perk that can benefit truck drivers is tuition reimbursement. Aspiring drivers who are paying to get their CDL training or an endorsement can sometimes get their money back by contracting to work with a given carrier. This can make it much more affordable for a driver to get the education they need.

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