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3 What-If Scenarios Concerning the ELD Protest

3 What-If Scenarios Concerning the ELD Protest

The long-talked-about ELD mandate is scheduled to go into effect December 18. But just because there’s only a little over two months until the mandate goes into effect doesn’t mean truck drivers are accepting the change just yet.

Protests continue to roll out across the country, with drivers on the east and west coast uniting in solidarity against the upcoming change.

At first glance, the passing of an important mandate like this would seem to be all but a certainty. This is especially true since it was debated so much initially, and since drivers have had so much time to comply.

But a long window for implementation and a good showing of support isn’t enough to sway some within the freight industry. As protests continue, here are three what-if scenarios to consider about the upcoming law.

What if the law is pulled back? This one is somewhat unlikely, at least as a sweeping measure throughout the industry. While it would make many drivers and administrators happy, there would be an equal amount of ire if such a decision was made. Many companies have already complied with the mandate, meaning that undoing the requirement last-minute would be controversial.

What if the law is delayed? There are hopes that these protests will delay the mandate, and preferably provide choice in the matter for smaller carriers and independent drivers who will be most heavily affected. A delay would be a win in some regards, though it wouldn’t solve the issue in the long-run. With the current law, a grace period will be in effect until April 1, allowing drivers some extra time to fully comply.

The final what-if scenario to consider is what happens if the mandate proceeds as normal? Up until the recent protests, this option was considered the most likely by a wide margin. Should the law go into effect as it is now, trucking could be negatively impacted. New costs and concerns would affect carriers of all sizes. Even if the mandate does end the problem of falsified logs, it could exacerbate the already-problematic trucker shortage.

Protests are continuing as of this moment, but no update has been given regarding a change to the ELD law.

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