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3 Ways Truckers Can Stay Safer on the Road

3 Ways Truckers Can Stay Safer on the Road

No one ever said truck driving was a job without risks. But even if a truck driver knows how to handle their rig, they can still be in danger. And contrary to what some may believe, threats to truckers come from other sources than traffic accidents. The growing amount of truck drivers being targeted by criminals while on their route is alarming, and many drivers are looking for ways to stay a little safer on the job.

There have been many moves to help improve the safety of truck driving as a profession, and to make it a bit easier for drivers to protect themselves on the job. The recent Trucker Lives Matter movement is a good example – advocates of safety have worked to make it easier for truckers to protect themselves on the road by pushing for legislation that would allow them to be armed. But what are some other ways truck drivers can stay safe?

The first and most obvious strategy a driver can use to ensure they aren’t victimized by criminals is to be aware of their surroundings. While drivers are often required to travel to areas they aren’t familiar with as part of the job, staying vigilant never hurts. The second way a driver can stay safe is to utilize trucking apps and other tools to find well-lit, safe, trucker-friendly areas when they need to stop for a rest break.

Additionally, truckers can stay a little safer on the road by working to promote safe travels in their industry. Many groups and initiatives exist for this very purpose, so networking with these groups is a great way to build the solid community needed to come up with solutions for keeping truck drivers safe on the job.

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