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3 Things to Add to Your Trucking Resume

3 Things to Add to Your Trucking Resume

Truck driving is a field where experience and credentials go a long way. Drivers present a significant liability to carriers if they lack the proper training and education.

But beyond these basic must-haves, what is the best way to grab a hiring manager’s attention when you’re looking for a trucking job? As with most industries, there are a few things you should consider in order to make your resume pop out from the others.

The first is your objective. This section is usually only one-to-two sentences, but it is one of the most important parts of any resume. The objective tells the hiring manager what your intention is in applying for the job. In other words, it’s how you can apply your skills to help the company. Beyond just listing what you plan to do, consider the bigger picture. Work in how your skillset can help companies boost their business – that’s what they’re looking for.

The second thing to add to your resume is a section showing volunteer experience and leadership. Trucking companies expect drivers to go above and beyond, and knowing you have these types of skills can greatly influence their decision. This section is also a good idea if you lack the work experience or educational background to fill out a full page. If your resume is looking a little thin, or if you’re simply looking to diversify it by showing more of what you can do, this section is an easy choice.

The third is something many people neglect, even though it is a crucial part of the hiring process – skills. Hiring managers want skilled workers. More specifically, they want to know exactly what areas and equipment your skilled at dealing with. This can be a bulleted list or a paragraph, but the most important thing is to keep things brief. Use one-to-three words for each skill, and cover any special equipment you’ve used or any particular tasks that are your specialty.

Getting a great trucking job takes time and effort, and sometimes it can be hard to nail down the perfect position. But with a quality resume, any trucker has a better chance at furthering their career.

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