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3 Techs That Could Change Trucking

3 Techs That Could Change Trucking

Despite being a mainstay in the U.S. economy for decades, the trucking industry faces pressure from various new technologies.

Some of these techs offer positive benefits, while others could potentially disrupt the flow of the entire freight industry. Though every industry depends on commercial operators and freight companies, there are a few new techs on the horizon which could drastically alter trucking as we know it.

The first of these techs is the blockchain. A distributed ledger system, the blockchain keeps records timestamped according to a previously agreed upon set of parameters. The main purpose of the blockchain is to serve as a record for transactions, and to prevent data tampering and alterations to previous entries.

The blockchain could end up speeding things up in trucking. As smart contracts are applied to the blockchain, they can be self-fulfilling once certain conditions are met. Drivers could be paid upon completion of delivery and companies may schedule their maintenance well ahead of time. These are just a couple of the possibilities this new tech offers.

Another emerging technology that promises to change the industry is the electric truck. Many in the industry have already either seen, tried out, or used electric trucks on the job. As the green movement continues to gain traction, carriers are looking for technology to help them make the switch affordably.

Not only are electric trucks becoming more reliable, but this makes them more economical as well. Fewer problems from a clean-engine vehicle means carriers can leave a smaller carbon footprint without inconveniencing themselves.

The final type of technology that could bring big changes to trucking is machine learning. As driverless trucks continue to make progress, companies are looking for ways to make these machines safer and more reliable. Machine learning may hold the key to this once-puzzling task.

As the self-driving sensors, mapping devices, and processing units receive more information, they can adapt to make better decisions. While they would still be operating within a select number of possibilities, the result would be safer and more optimal performance.

These are just a few of the technologies that may bring big changes to trucking. Their net effect on the industry, whether positive or negative, remains to be seen.

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