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3 Tech Trends in the Trucking Field

3 Tech Trends in the Trucking Field

There was a time when the most noteworthy technological advancement in the trucking industry was the occasional introduction of new parts and components for a rig. But the tech industry continues to make its presence felt in every field, and freight transportation and delivery is no different. And while these changes do pertain to the equipment used on the job, these tech trends may promise to have a major impact on trucking.

The first trend is the shift to electronic logging devices. As a result of new regulations, all trucks will be required to utilize electronic logging devices by 2017. This type of change may catch on, as fields like logistics and ERP can make use of electronic data devices in their daily operations. While electronic devices of this type have been making their way into the industry for quite some time, the trend shows no signs of stopping in the future.

Another trend pertaining to the type of equipment used in truck driving is the move toward a cleaner industry. New emission standards have already led to carriers switching out their current engines for new models that leave a smaller carbon footprint. Though this type of technology is relatively new, it will likely be expanded upon in the future as it can help to reduce fuel costs.

The final tech trend that is sure to change trucking is the move toward autonomous vehicles. Uber made headlines recently when their driverless truck made a delivery without issue. This trend may help to bridge the driver shortage that companies are currently dealing with. Though driverless trucks may continue to be a reliable resource for the industry in the future, drivers will still be in high demand as trucking activity picks up over the next decade per a recent ATA report.

Technology has always been present in the trucking industry, but now more than ever before it is apparent that these new innovations may reshape the industry substantially.

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