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3 Positive Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

3 Positive Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

December 18 has finally come – and this means almost all CDL truck drivers on the road will have to utilize electronic logging devices to record their hours.

With paper logbooks now a thing of the past and only a few exceptions to the new rule being granted, the trucking industry is about to change in a big way. But despite the negativity surrounding the adoption of ELD’s, some truckers in the industry have a positive opinion of the move.

Protests may continue to roll on and the negatives about ELDs will be discussed soon – but for now, here are three positive takeaways from the ELD mandate.

#1. Fudging Logs Will Become More Difficult

One of the main concerns about the use of paper logs was that a driver could simply record their time as it ‘should’ve been,’ rather than how it actually was.

This meant drivers could stay out on the road for much longer than that which was allowed by law. The result was a situation where enforcing nation-wide rules about road time and rest breaks was always a challenge. ELDs are integrated with the vehicle’s engine, and will provide honest information about how well a driver obeys the rules.

#2. ELDs May Prevent Fatigue-Related Accidents

The reason why regulators have been so concerned about the amount of time a commercial truck driver spends on the road relates to fatigue.

Drowsy drivers are more likely to suffer problems on the road. When piloting a 40-ton rig, even the slightest swerve can cause a chain reaction that affects multiple drivers on the highway. ELDs will ensure drivers aren’t skipping their rest-breaks or going longer than they should just to make a destination. The result could be fewer accidents – at least due to fatigue.

#3. Implementing ELDs is Easier Now

One of the main benefits of the ELD mandate is that it’s helped spur some degree of new technology. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

Since the ELD mandate was discussed for over a year before it was signed into law, carriers and logistics companies had some time to adapt. Many already offer ELD devices, and package deals which help carriers comply with the new law and upgrade their existing transportation systems at the same time. There are still some concerns about the switch, but equipment providers have gone above and beyond in preparing for the end of the logbook era.

It’s not all positive – check back to hear about the negative effects of the ELD mandate!

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