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3 Popular Roadside Attractions for Truckers

3 Popular Roadside Attractions for Truckers

Long hours on the road can get monotonous and boring. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting and unique locations around the country set up to help truckers make their trip more memorable. Stopping by at a roadside attraction can help a trucker get a great meal, enjoy a relaxing break, or even see some unique sites. Here are 3 popular roadside attractions for truckers.

The first is the Fry Bros Turkey Ranch. Located just 40 miles outside of Phelps, Pennsylvania, this unique dining location offers customers at atmosphere and a menu that will differ substantially from the fast food restaurants many truckers rely on. With reasonable prices and parking for vehicles of all sizes, this location makes it easy for any trucker to get a delicious meal.

The next attraction is Solomon’s castle. This unique location offers truckers the chance to browse through three stories and 12,000 square feet of art by local artist, Howard Solomon. This location has a very distinct appearance, with shiny printing plates along the side. It contains over 300 pieces of art, so nearly everyone can find something they like.

The last attraction is The Mystery Spot. This unique location was discovered all the way back in 1939 – one year later, it was opened to tourists. The location is set up to give the appearance that the laws of physics are being defied. Some claim the spot is a magnetic anomaly, while others simply claim that it’s a well-put-together attraction that those in the Santa Cruz, California area should definitely check out on their trip.

Driving trucks can be a hard job. But drivers are able to see the country – and this means they can also see all the unique and interesting attractions the country has to. Whether a driver is hungry, bored, or even wants some good photo opportunities, these roadside attractions are worth checking out.

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