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3 Nutrition Tips to Help Busy Truck Drivers

3 Nutrition Tips to Help Busy Truck Drivers

With all the talk about nutrition in the trucking industry, it can be hard to know where to start. Many different groups and organizations inside the field and out have proposed ways drivers can stay healthy despite the challenges their job presents.

Truckers aren’t given the luxury of being able to walk around regularly and get exercise like people in many other lines of work. Combine this with the fact that fast food restaurants often outnumber healthy food stores on the road, and it’s easy to see where the difficulties arise. Luckily, there are a few tricks drivers can use to gain control of their health.

The first trick involves making a small change to regular eating habits. No matter what type of meal a driver gets on the road, there is room for improvement. Instead of radically changing an entire diet right away, drivers can take small steps. For example, skipping out on things like cheese or extra condiments can really knock a calorie intake down, especially over the course of weeks or months.

Another small but helpful adjustment truckers can make deals with replacing things rather than eliminating them. It can be easy to grab unhealthy snacks at a rest stop, but alternatives do exist. For chips, there are peanuts. For candy and other sweets, there are fruit slices. Many common snack foods now offer healthier versions to address the concerns of health advocates, who are present in every industry.

The final tip for truck drivers is to avoid those food and drink items that give them an artificial buzz. Going heavy on caffeinated drinks is a common practice in driving, as the great taste is often accompanied by a burst of much-needed energy. However, these drinks often have excess amounts of calories for their size as well as a high sugar-content. Avoiding them can make it easy to drop some pounds, and to avoid the sluggish feeling that occurs when a caffeine buzz wears off.

Between braving new areas and adhering to the demands of their job, drivers don’t have a lot of time to explore new nutritional options. But sometimes making small changes and sticking with them can be enough to bring change.

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