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3 New Products from Rand McNally

3 New Products from Rand McNally

Rand McNally is a top name in the transportation industry. Their selection of devices for commercial vehicles help promote safety and efficiency. The company recently added three new products to its inventory.

The new additions help out with cab connectivity, improved navigational capabilities, as well as electronic logging devices. The three new additions to the Rand McNally product line were debuted at The Great American Trucking Show. This massive event always provides interesting new products for the freight industry, and this year’s event has been no different.

In May, the company released a holistic dashboard device. It offered all-in-one hands-free control of navigation, radio, and even an eight-inch digital display. The OverDryve 8 Pro was such a success that a new model is being released with additional connectivity options. The OverDryve 7 Pro offers the same features with a seven-inch screen is ELD ready and is also part of Rand McNally’s OverDryve OS Connectivity Vehicle platform.  

The company also introduced the TND 540 at the event. This trucking navigation device provides GPS capabilities, and serves as a replacement for the TND 530. This represents the fifth-generation five-inch TND device. The TND 740, a seven-inch version of the device, was launched a few months ago.

While some older devices have caused worries for trucking companies as new deadlines approach, Rand McNally has developed a creative solution. The upcoming ELD mandate will be in effect as of December 18th, and users of the 740 can add ELD compatibility to the device with a Wi-Fi-1 and cellular-enabled device created for this purpose.

Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally, spoke about the new products. He said: “Our focus is to constantly innovate and develop new products that help streamline the daily drives and businesses of professional drivers. This most recent expansion of our portfolio provides options that meet head-on new regulations, increased safety requirements, and the wishes of drivers looking for ways to make their on-duty and off-duty time more enjoyable.”

Features of Rand McNally products include easy-attaching via magnets, voice assistance, hands-free calling, and much more. These devices may be very useful particularly to carriers who are worrying about ELD compliance or who want a more holistic approach to cab features.

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