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3 Negative Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

3 Negative Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

Despite the efforts of protestors across the nation, December 18’s ELD mandate has finally come to pass.

This doesn’t mean the protests will stop – far from it. Many drivers have expressed intentions to keep voicing their concerns against what many believe is an overreaching and, in some cases even hazardous, change to their line of work. With all the support ELDs get from a portion of the trucking industry, it’s easy to forget there are good arguments against the change as well.

Some carriers may be giddy about the switch, but this isn’t true with everyone who enters the cab – here are three negative takeaways from the ELD mandate.

#1. It Could Disrupt Shipping Chains

The ELD mandate means drivers are always on the clock – and the clock is always on a driver’s mind. Since the time will be ticking down even when drivers park their rig to have it loaded or unloaded, shipping chains may be affected.

Those who are too slow when it comes to handling freight may have their contracts terminated, or at least changed. Carriers and drivers have to be more mindful of their time now. Every second counts, and a delay at the shipping bay could mean a severed business-relationship thanks to ELDs.

#2. Drivers Could Be Put in Danger

When the time rolls around for a truck driver to take their rest break, there aren’t always safe options nearby. But the ELD mandate means drivers won’t have the luxury of driving an extra half-hour to find a safe place to rest their head, fill their belly, or stretch their legs.

This is a big problem – especially when it is considered just how often commercial truckers are targeted by criminals at road stops. In a perfect world a well-lit truck plaza would always be nearby. But thanks to ELDs, drivers won’t have the option of lengthening their search when breaktime rolls around.

#3. There’s No Guarantee It Will Decrease Accidents

The biggest selling point of ELDs has always been their ability to reduce accidents. In theory, it makes sense – drivers who are well rested are less likely to nod off behind the wheel.

But some drivers and trucking managers have been vocal about their opposition to this idea from the start. They claim the regulation won’t actually impact safety to a significant degree, but could have a big impact on pushing smaller carriers and independent drivers out of the industry.

It’s not all negative – check out the top three positive effects of the ELD mandate!

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