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2016 Ended Well for Trucking Employment

2016 Ended Well for Trucking Employment

Now that the new year is officially in effect, officials and administrators are looking back at the data from 2016 and making comparisons. The end of last year showed a very impressive turnaround for trucking employment. And while increased demand often pushes hiring numbers up in the final month of the year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that this past December was the strongest in a decade for hiring activity.

This figure makes sense when one considers that a year of slumping demand and pricing finally stopped during the beginning of December. And with numbers actually forecasted to improve slowly over the course of 2017, the sudden spike at the end of last year could mean that more drivers may be hired on in the future.

Last year saw the longest period of declining payrolls last year beginning in February. The dip, which carried into the summer, was the longest one seen in the industry for over half a decade. Payrolls have increased alongside demand, and retention rates are expected to improve slightly as well. With more drivers being hired on to companies that expect greater demand, it is likely that many new roster-members may be recruited full time.

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