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2015 Highway Angel Of The Year Award

2015 Highway Angel Of The Year Award

In Las Vegas earlier this week, 2015’s Highway Angel of the Year was announced at the 78th annual Truckload Carriers Association convention. The winner of the award was Prime Inc.’s driver, Josh Grimaldi. Every year the award is presented to recognize the efforts of the drivers on the road that go out of their way, attempting something heroic and offering a helping hand to those in need.

This year, the award was presented by the CEO of Epicvue, Lance Pratt. It is the first time Epicvue has partnered the ceremony and got the award.

“It’s been Epicvue’s honor to partner with TCA to recognize drivers’ selfless acts of kindness in the Highway Angel program,” said Pratt.

The 2015 Highway Angel of the Year was awarded to Grimaldi for his dramatic rescue of a pregnant woman whose car had met a severe accident on the highway road.

On a snowy and cold night in December 2015, Grimaldi was headed to California and was on the Interstate 80 when he noticed a car from his side mirror had hit the patch of ice and fishtailed. The car after hitting Grimaldi’s trailer, blowing one of its tires, spun around and eventually rolled on the side.

Grimaldi, the moment he saw the rolled over car on the road ahead, hit brakes and ran over to assist. At first, Grimaldi wasn’t sure if the driver was still alive. But alive or not, he had to pull the woman driver out of the car. It was in his attempts that the wounded driver finally told Grimaldi that she was expecting. So it was not just one life Grimaldi has to save, but two. Grimaldi used all the strength in his body to push the door open and help the lady in distress out.

Grimaldi had already called 911 and reported the incident to the paramedics as he had witnessed, when another car pulled up to offer help who luckily happened to be a nurse returning from work.

Upon receiving the award, the overly joyous Grimaldi, feeling grateful for the praise and recognition he got, stated, “I have to thank Prime for giving me the chance to drive and showing me what safety really is all about. I also want to give a special thank you to the Highway Angels that have been nominated and whose stories have been told and for whose stories haven’t been told…I appreciate everyone in this audience who are keeping the trucks rolling. Thank you.”

Lastly, for those who don’t know, Grimaldi has been a driver with an experience of only a year in the industry. Earlier, he had served in the US Marine Corps for a period of over five years. Praising him for his daredevil efforts, former TCA chairman and the president and founder of Prime, Inc. Robert Low, remarked, “Josh has only been working as a professional driver for about a year now, but he certainly made a name for himself right away.” He continued, “We are very pleased to call him part of our trucking family.”
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