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12th Class Graduates from Truck Driver Program

12th Class Graduates from Truck Driver Program

Surry Community College recently held its 12th graduation ceremony for the school’s Truck Driver Program. The ceremony, which took place on March 29th, saw educators and administrators congratulate the graduates on their choice to earn an education in this important field.

Freight transport requires the proper training since commercial truck drivers are subject to a large amount of liability on the roads. The nine-week program has been completed by over one-hundred students as of this past ceremony, and this college believes firmly that the program has helped aspiring drivers as well as the state’s economy.

In the most recent graduating class, eleven students were presented with certificates. The program is a collaborative effort between Surry and Caldwell Community College. The program was launched in 2014 in response to the growing demand for truck drivers, especially in the state of North Carolina.

“There are currently job openings for truck drivers locally and nationally. We developed this program as a direct response to the requests from local truck driving representatives who need skilled applicants to fill job vacancies,” said SCC President Dr. David Shockley.

CDL truck drivers are still in short supply compared to the demand for them. It is estimated that the state of North Carolina alone needs around 15,000 additional drivers, which represents around 7.5% of the amount needed nationally.

Truck driver training programs are quicker and more affordable than traditional college degrees, and in many cases they allow a graduate to enter the workforce quicker.

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