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Trucking industry new technology

The truck driving industry attracts new talent every year for many reasons. With solid pay and easy-to-fulfill licensing requirements, the industry sees new drivers come aboard annually looking to establish themselves as capable and reliable drivers for companies and…

Class 8 truck refuel

Fuel continues to be the most common (and often most burdensome) expense for truckers. Even trucking companies that place a large emphasis on logistics and get the most out of every trip can’t get around the cost of fuel….

Trucking safety

The trucking industry has seen many regulatory mandates, equipment changes, and technological advancements established throughout the years with the intent of improving safety. Over the last decade, a significant amount of attention has been given to preventing commercial vehicle…

Trucking demand dips

While trucking demand is known to fluctuate regularly in small amounts, March 2016 showed some particularly unfavorable numbers. While some sources which are traditionally used to measure trends in the trucking industry can be in contrast to one another…

Trucking Industry Safety

Truck drivers are not strangers to regulatory compliance. Given that their occupation sees them traversing many local and state jurisdictions while piloting large commercial vehicles, these drivers know that their line of work is subject to industry-specific guidelines developed…

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