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Trucker News  is a website for trucking news and information on the trucking industry for truckers and trucking companies, drivers, teams, owner operators and logistics companies.

The Truckers News web site can help you find, buy, sell, trade, and lease  big rigs, 18 wheelers, parts, accessories and everything for the big trucks and truck drivers with our Trucker News Classifieds!

Truckers News will provide you with the latest information on rest areas, truck parking, hotels, motels, truck plazas, travel centers and lodging discounts for truck drivers.

Information on jobs, training, education, fuel stops, fuel, truck repair, truck parts, truck maintenance and where to find and get the best deals on everything you might need that’s related to trucking!

Trucker News will feature links to trucking companies in our Trucking Directory and links to DOT, Department of Transportation, Road and Highway Departments and Government web sites to get you the latest on Road Conditions, Highway Conditions, Traffic and Emergency Road Closures.

Trucker News Classifieds will provide a special section for employment, jobs, education, that will be of interest to everyone in the trucking and logistics industry.

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